We’re glad you’ve taken the time to visit and look into who we are and what we offer. ROLMI Church is an inter-generational church with ministries to meet every age group. ROLMI Church has a reputation in our community as a grace-filled place that pursues excellence in every aspect of ministry. Our ministries are rich with opportunities for learning, growing, having fun, experiencing new things, and making friends for life. Our ministries to people are vast, whether you’re single or married, newlyweds, young or seniors.

We believe that everyone is on a journey, and that all of us are at different places along that journey. Our ministries are designed to help challenge our life and to help each of us achieve balance as we live out these purposes together. We hope that as you visit you’ll sense that we are intentional about making disciples of Jesus who are healthy, balanced and connected.

By the way, in case you’re wondering, ROLMI Church is a small part of God’s plan, we are a non denomination church with a major emphasis on world and community evangelization. The ROLMI Church is a “big tent” where believers of many backgrounds unite in a community to exalt Jesus Christ and to complete His Great Commission.

We are a International Church with a Small Town feel, making a Worldwide Impact!

If you have any questions that are not answered,
please feel free to email us at support@rolmichurch.life​ or call the church office at 866-556-5241.

If you’re searching for a church,
please visit us on a Wednesday night (7:00 pm) or Sunday morning (11:00 am worship).

It’s quite an experience!
We hope to see you soon.